Zen 24, a new electric sailboat design from Japan

Zen 24: A New Sailing Experience From Japan

Zen 24 is a sailboat forcussed to a family for weekend sailing to study something playing with the water, wind, friend and the boat.

Sailing is not only a big fun but a way to build your mindset positive, productive and creative as like Zen meditation.

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  1. Mike Gunning says:

    I am excited about your new electric sailboat. I would like to invite you to the Dana Point Boat Show and Green Expo June 9 though June 14. I am sponsoring a rafting up of a number of electric sailboats in the harbor. These are boats that have been modified by owners replacing ICE unit with electric systems from a number of US manufactures. These boats will be from 27 to 41 feet. You will receive a very positive response from an audience that believes electric propulsion is excellent for sailboats.
    Looking forward to seeing your boat.
    Mike Gunning
    Electric Yachts of Southern California

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