Zen 24, a new electric sailboat design from Japan

Electric inboard propulsion

Zen 24 is installed with an inboard or an outboard electric propulsion system. The Zen 24 can also be ordered with an outboard motor of any type.

Sailing an electric boat is a wonderful experience. When under power there is no noise or fumes. The electric motor is very powerful and can easily propel the Zen24 at hull speed, to manuever around the dock with ease. No more worries about fuel and oil and combustion engine maintenance. Electric propulsion systems are very reliable and easy to maintain. The Asmo Marine Thoosa system’s batteries can be charged at the dock or even while under sailpower, as the  motor acts as a generator and can regenerate power to replenish the batteries.

The electric auxiliary Zen 24 is truly in harmony with nature and the experience of sailing zen may change the way you think about sailing.

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